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Our love of Porsche and our spoiler design

For Daniel Dormer, Porsche cars got his attention at a very young age after his father owning a 911 turbo. His passion grew when he started working next door to a Porsche specialist when he would regularly see the different models passing his window, so inevitably he bought his first Porsche (a 930 911) at a relatively young age, his journey continued with a 964, 993 RS (oh how he wished he had kept that one!), 997 then now a 996.

For me my Porsche story started much later in life, although when I was a child I had a toy 930 series Turbo that I adored because of the huge Whale Tail spoiler, at the time finding the other models without the spoiler looking a little odd at the back!

Whilst Daniel Dormer was enjoying his 911s I was actually enjoying my TVR, but I was growing very fond of the 996 whenever I saw one, to a point where they would be a regular topic of conversation between myself and Daniel.

Eventually, one Saturday afternoon he persuaded me to go and take one for a test drive, a black 2003 996 C4S which I fell in love with from the second I drove it, needless to say I bought it after saying to Daniel “I now see what all the fuss is about with 911s”!

Looking at both of our cars sitting together in the car park I thought they looked stunning, but once again couldn’t help feeling that something was missing at the back, a spoiler maybe? Although my childhood admiration for the G series Whale Tail was still there it certainly wouldn’t look good on a 996 and felt that it needed something very subtle, something that complimented the rear of the car without looking like an aftermarket part with the spoiler in either the raised or lowered position (I always felt that with the standard 996 spoiler raised it just looked like a tea tray sticking up, something not nice to see).

After checking the market for some time it became very apparent that there wasn’t anything out there that I liked, certainly nothing that I would want fitted to my own car, especially as all of the products out there either weren’t subtle enough, required the removal of the whole boot lid to fit a large fiberglass part, needed drilling into a part of the car or were stuck on with double sided tape, something I wasn’t prepared to do to my own car, especially as the 996 seems to be hitting classic status now.

The only option was to design one myself, one that could be easily fitted and removed if needed, one that looks like it should have been original equipment and not look like an aftermarket part. This is how our spoiler design started and why we started looking at developing other parts like our Fuel Cap Covers, as we couldn't find anything on the market that complimented our cars as well. 

After the great feedback from customers on our 996 ducktail, 997 owners would regularly contact us for one for their cars, obviously we decided to develop one for them and will be available at the end of 2023. We are very excited!

Steven Rootsey Porsche spoiler

Steven Rootsey

Porsche enthusiast and owner

Daniel Dormer Porsche spoiler

Daniel Dormer

Porsche enthusiast and owner