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Our hand finished, Billet Aluminium Fuel/GAS Cap Covers.

Once again we had to develop a part for our own cars because of the lack of anything we wanted being available in the market place. Yes Porsche do a very nice looking “aluminium look” plastic one, but why have it looking like aluminium when you can have the real deal! Our covers are machined from billet aluminium, hand finished then anodised to give corrosion protection. They fit snugly onto your original cap which cuts down on waste plastic, it also allows you to change your original cheap cap if the seals on it become damaged over time (unlike the Porsche “aluminium look” all in one plastic item). Our caps have the Porsche shield shape engraved in the top which will take the shield decal from a Porsche key (NOT SUPPLIED) and is Porsche part number 94453844300 & 99663744300 if needed. The caps are held in position onto your original cap by hidden grub screws (Allen key supplied) integrated into the design and are neatly fitted within minutes.

Porsche Aluminium fuel cap classic style

Classic Style fuel/gas cap £82.50 +VAT & P&P

Porsche Aluminium fuel cap Le Mans style

Le Mans style fuel/gas cap £82.50 + VAT & P&P

If your original cap looks exactly like the one here on the left, then our Aluminium cap covers should fit your Porsche (they should be stamped with 996.201.241.02 or 996.201.241.03). These are normally fitted to the-

996 1998-05

997 2005>>

986/987 Boxster 1997>>

Cayenne 2003-10