DNS Performance Parts

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Thank you for your purchase, it is very much appreciated.
Please follow instructions carefully to ensure proper fitment.
· Remove the original fuel cap for your car and make sure it is clean and free from grease.
· Peel the backing off the double-sided tape then place your DNS cover onto your original cap (this is purely to take up any slack from the indifferent tolerance of the original plastic cap).
· Hold your new DNS Performance cap FIRMLY onto the original cap and tighten the grub screw with the allen key provided, while keeping the 2 parts squeezed together. If this is not done correctly it can cause a very slight rocking on some caps. It is best to tighten them alternately a few turns at a time until both are flush with the outer body of the new aluminium cap. DO NOT tighten past this.
· Now enjoy your new DNS Performance purchase and please let others know!

Fitting instructions for our fuel caps.


Fitting video for our porsche 996 ducktail deck lid.